Before and After Bariatric Stories

When making an important medical decision, it is essential you do the research that will ensure that your choice is the right one. That’s why we invite you to talk to our patients and hear their stories.

Dr. Armando Joya Obesity Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico provides advanced surgical and nonsurgical options for sustained weight loss and a better quality of life for you and your family.
We take great pride in being able to share a few of our patients’ stories with you.

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Bariatric Surgery Testimonials

Chelsea D. Testimonial Puerto Vallarta Bariatric Surgery

Nov. 12, 2013

3 1/2 yrs later and I am so glad I made the decision to have surgery.

Thank you Dr Joya!!!!
Chelsea D.

August 29th 2013

I went from this… to this… its been 3 1/2 years now…. and I don’t regret a thing…. my life has changed… more energy and fun…I had the surgery because of health issues… well no no pills and health issues are gone…

Thank you Dr. Joya    


Christine Bariatric Surgery Testimonial Dr. Joya

August 31st, 2013/Veronica F.

Veronica F Testimonial

November 15, 2009 / Vicky G.

Vicky Weight Loss Surgery Dr. Joya

Sept. 16th, 2013/Kyle L.

Kyle L. Testimonial Puerto Vallarta

Sept. 23rd, 2013
Although having surgery in another country was terrifying, the hospital was fabulous. Dr. Joya and his staff were wonderful. I am a nurse in the states and brought my best friend who is also a nurse. The process is streamline and I didn’t have any complications. They do things a bit different in Mexico compared to the US, but I felt safe during the whole experience. It’s been 8 months since my surgery. This was the best decision of my life other than having my daughter.
Janelle T.

Sept. 26th, 2013
Hello, I am Brittnie E., and I got my sleeve surgery done by Dr Joya on May 20th. I am just writing to thank Dr Joya for saving and changing my life!! I have never felt better! Thank you to the medical team for making this a dream come true for me!
Brittnie E.

Nov. 2, 2013
Dr. Joya is very considerate and an awesome Surgeon!  I cannot believe the level of care I did receive in PV for my surgery!! I would not hesitate to go back for any other operation!! The staff was extremely charming and if I needed anything they were there in a flash! I have lost 58 pound since I started my 2 week pre op diet and 25 since surgery!!! Again I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Adam E.

May 23rd, 2013
I wanted to provide some information for anyone considering bariatric surgery with Dr. Joya. I had a lap-band removal and gastric bypass on May 13, 2013. I cannot praise Gerald, Dr. Joya and his staff, Dr. Espinosa, and the nurses at Hospiten nearly enough. The staff was very attentive during my entire hospital stay. Within seconds of pushing my call button, a nurse was at my side. I never felt concerned about the high level of care I received from the time I was admitted until I was discharged.

The hospital rooms were like deluxe hotel suites! Incredible! Cleanliness, patient care and safety was high priority. I observed the staff’s pre-op procedures in the OR before I was given anesthetic and they were very sterile. When I awoke after surgery in my own room that night, a nurse was by my side. The hospital standards are as good as they get! I’ve never had that level of care in the US hospitals.

As for The Sunset Plaza Resort, where Dr. Joya books his patients, another round of praise! From the minute you arrive and are assigned a butler…..Wow! First class treatment! 5-star resort that exudes rest and relaxation for you! I stayed an extra 6 days beyond the initial stay, just to turn my surgical experience into a vacation, as well. The staff treat you like royalty and when you leave, you feel like part of their family.

So, if you are considering bariatric surgery with Dr. Joya, I hope I have alleviated any of your fears. I just arrived back home today and am excited for my future! Your decision by choosing Dr. Joya will be well-rewarded!

Terri G.

Dear Dr. Joya,
A year ago today my daughter made the decision to have gastric by-pass surgery and so far she has lost 187 lbs.. I just want to thank you for saving her life, without the surgery who knows what her path might have been….she is doing so wonderful and recently got married in Las Vegas. I just want you to know that what you do for over weight people not only saves health problems but also boosts their self-esteem and helps them to have a better life… daughters name is Nicole D ( i guess i did not say that). Thank you again..

Sincerely Priscilla D

Nicole D. Weight Loss Surgery Dr. Joya Puerto Vallarta

I haven’t contacted you or any of Dr. Joya’s team since my surgery, so I thought now would be a good time. As of today, it has been one year since my gastric bypass in Puerto Vallarta. I have had absolutely no complications and my six month blood work(which my regular doctor is doing,)all came back good. As for the numbers, I am down 187 lbs. I went from a highest weight of 369 to a surgery weight of around 345 and I’m now down to 182 lbs. The number of women’s sizes I’ve went down is from a 32 to a 14. As for how my life has changed, well…that really cannot be put in words. I’m doing things I haven’t been able to do since high school or even before My boyfriend Nathan and I got married in Las Vegas on October 12 of this year. I’m enclosing a photo of me from that day, along with a couple of recent photos.

I can never thank Dr. Joya or any of his team enough. I know he is a very busy man, but please thank him for me. You all are often in my thoughts. Nathan and I hope to return to PV in the next year or two, so hopefully we can stop by and say hi 🙂


Nicole D

252 » Erin Epstein

Location: Florida
Date: 28.04.2012
Time: 20:34:11

I had gastric bypass on march 23 and have already lost 43 lbs. I feel great. the entire staff in Mexico from natalie to Dr. Joya and all the nurses at the hospital were wonderful. The resort was beautiful and the hospital was up to date with the latest equipment and the staff was very nice and caring. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Joya to anyone needing the surgery. You are in good hands
251 » Val Shibitov

Location: USA
Date: 06.03.2012
Time: 19:47:11

hello everyone. I want to share my experience in Mexico for gastric sleeve operation. 3 of my sisters did that operation, to of them with Dr. Joya. but I was skeptical and scared to even think about it especially considering doing this out of US. but looking at my sisters, I was getting ready to do this myself, and when I was getting way too fast for my age, I finally told myself, it’s now or never. so I sold few things, save some money and stepped into the unknown. what happened on the other side is like a fairytale in my life now. the doctors, the staff, hotels, organization, simplicity, treatment, care and all the attention on me from the minute i came tell the minute I left, was something I will never ever forget. I just want to thank you all and everyone for everything you guys did for me! it’s been 4 months since my operation and I lost 50 pounds. the money I spend in Mexico have of that I already saved on food. if you reading this message, all I want to say don’t be scared just do it. I will do this over again if I had another stomach for it. but I will go back just to see and say hi to all those wonderful people who are like a family to me now. they have top-notch equipment. my room in the hospital was about 500 square feet with 2 separate rooms, the bathroom, beautiful letter catches and furniture, the big screen TV on the wall was the biggest one i ever seen. I want to shout out a special thank you to my nurse, she’s an angel, that’s how I would describe her in one word. thank you thank you and thank you again for turning my life around Mexico!
246 » Jenifer Lawson

Location: Vanderhoof B.C.
Date: 23.08.2011
Time: 01:30:13

I wink hardly know where to begin ,,,,I love Dr. Joya and all his staff for everything they did for myself and my mother we have both have hit our goal weight one year after our surgerys.I went from 269lbs to 149lbs.My life has changed in ways I never expected.To all those who are not sure what to do this doctor can give you your life back,,My family doctor here is very happy I did it and encourages others here to go there if they can.A huge thank you and hugs from me to all the staff who helped with my care. Jenifer
245 » Harold

Location: Oregon
Date: 26.07.2011
Time: 20:03:19

I had my surgery on 4/15/11 at about 275lbs it is the 26th of July and I’m at 212lbs now, all is well with me I’m glad I had this done, would recommend Dr. Joya and his staff to anyone wanting this surgery, all went well during my visit, hotel was great, hospital was great all staff members wear great, Thank You
244 » Jeanne Giguere

Location: Nashville Tn
Date: 27.06.2011
Time: 00:06:58

I had my VS surgery in PV on Nov 1 2010. 9 months out I have lost 65 lbs. I feel great and continue to lose weekly. Dr Joya and the entire experience was fantastic. If you are obese and want to change your life forever, call Dr Joya’s office today!!
The care and procedure were top rate, the hosptial, hotel and staff were professional and caring. I would do it again in a heartbeat and encourage you to do the same. I could not be happier. My daughter had her VS surgery 16 months ago and has lost 85 lbs. She loved her PV experience also. LIVE HAPPY!
243 » Michelle Kussner

Location: West Los Angeles, CA.
Date: 18.06.2011
Time: 04:08:11

I was very impressed and amazed by Dr. Joya and all the doctors who work with him. Dr. Joya is a warm and caring person and when I go back to Puerto Vallarta for my skin surgeries, I hope I can shake his hand and thank him one more time for his excellent work. I received [u]better[/u] care in Mexico than I would of in the U.S. The hospital staff is professional and friendly. The hospital is super clean. Natalie was warm and amazing. Gerald Witt is a very patient and accommodating person.

The view of the ocean from the room is very beautiful and very relaxing. tongue redface

My stats: I am 5’3″, and 42 y.o. When I had my VERTICLE SLEEVE surgery on the 05/16/11, I weighed 226 lbs. As of 06/18/11, I weigh 195 lbs.

lamp Advice: When you go to P.V. take a taxi to WALMART to buy some protein shakes, fruit juice boxes, and a styrofoam cooler. You will also need gauze pads, bandage tape, antibiotic ointment and some antibacterial soap for the stitched areas of your skin. The hotel did not have protein shakes and the room I was in did not have a fridge or micro. The ice bucket in the room is too small to chill anything in. The hotel staff will bring you however many bags of ice you want, all you have to do is ask. If you like to use wash cloths do be sure to pack a few because there are none in the hotel and hospital. THE ROOMS ARE SQUEEKY CLEAN, COOL AND QUIET.thumbup smile lamp Also you might want to bring and English//Spanish dictionary, as it should come in very handy. thumbup

There is an internet connected computer in the lobby of the hotel, near the beverage bar, you have swipe a credit card to use it, but it is affordable. I felt it was better than bringing my laptop. Be sure to call your cell phone provider and tell them you are traveling to Mexico so they can set up ‘international’ for you if you don’t already have it. That is something I forgot and did not get around to doing.

Over all— it was all very much worth it and I would totally recommend this to every person interested in a quality service like this one. I have NO regrets and I am very happy with my results thus far. smile smile smile smile smile

242 » melissa mason

Date: 02.06.2011
Time: 21:59:36

I had surgery with Dr. Joya 12/16/10- weighing 205 lbs. at 5’3″. as of today 6/1/11 : 157 lbs.
He is awesome.
Everyone involved is awesome and surgery is very easy
241 » Alan Rogers

Date: 07.03.2011
Time: 21:23:58

Some Tips If You Are Having Surgery In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico With Dr. Joya

I have had two surgeries with Dr. Joya one on Dec 2ed 2010 and the second on Dec 8, 2011. Everything went just fine.

I have lost a total of 155 pounds … and still shrinking!

The doctors and the staff were all very attentive. The hospital (I was in both San Javier and Cornerstone) was small but had everything they need should any complications arise. The doctors all speak fluent English how ever the nurses do not. If you have a laptop, bring it. There is wifi in both the hospital and the hotel and google translate will help with the nurses.

The hotel is awesome. Make sure to ask for a “tower 10″ room. They are the newest, have softer beds and offer a great views for your recovery! The small upgrade to an ocean view is well worth it!

Post op be sure to try one of the sugar free lime Popsicle’s ( a clear liquid) available in the gift shop at the hotel, I found it very soothing to my new tummy.

When you go to get your meds, wal-mart (right there by the hotel and hospital) is the best option. Just give them the list Nathalie will give you and they will hook you right up. Look at the quantities and make sure you are getting enough of what you need and not too much of what you don’t. Also, buy a box of 4” bandages as there will be some additional drainage where your drain tube was. The pharmacy is all the way in the back of the store. Ask them to give you the price in dollars so you know how much you are actually spending. They accept US currency as well!

All in all my experience with Dr. Joya has been excellent. Be sure to ask questions and he will happily answer them. Nathalie is also great before and after the surgery. When you go to check in the hospital, go to the emergency room. They don’t tell you that in your arrival letter, but that is where you will meet Nathalie. She will go over everything with you, have you fill out some forms ( you have them all in your handbook that Gerald e-mailed you) and she will show you to your room. Immediately they will start an IV and take blood for your labs (1 needle for both!). You will then sit and wait for several hours for your lab results. In that time you will be seen by the internists, psychologist and Dr. Joya. If all is well your surgery will be in the afternoon. There is plenty of English speaking TV and Internet available for your wait. Utilize them and don’t get inside your head!

After my surgeries the only real pain I had was from the Co2 they pump into your abdomen. If you experience the same, get up and moving asap. It will make the gas pains go away.

For the next day, you just hang out and watch TV and sleep. The nurses (always in teams of two) will check on you periodical. On the second post op day they will take you back down stairs and give you a leak test. All this is, is an xray while you drink a nasty tasting dye. Over in no time. If that is OK, they will give you some ice. If you tolerate that OK, they take your IV and drain out. That is a little weird, but not painful. Then you are off to the Kristal to chill for two days.

Try to get out and walk around. It helps and the hotel grounds are beautiful. The restaurant by the pool will make you a bowl of clear chicken broth if you feel up to it and the gift shop has lots of juice if you don’t get it from wal mart.

One other note: When you arrive in PV, after you go thru customs there are TWO rooms of leaches that will tell you anything to get your attention. They all look and sound official, but are trying to sell you a time share. Just walk right through BOTH rooms until you see someone with a sign bearing your name, that is your ride! Don’t rent a car! The local police look for rental cars and fine you for anything and suggest cash payment on the spot. Cabs are cheap and everywhere. Do however get the price for the trip in advance. If you feel up to it toward the end of your stay, take a cab ride in to the old town. It is worth the trip even if you stay in the car!

You will be fine and treated very well at the hospital and the hotel!

Best of Luck And Have Some Fun Too!


239 » Treena

Location: British Columbia
Date: 24.01.2011
Time: 18:30:34

It has now been a year (Jan11, 2010) since I had my Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Joya and his excellent team of assistants. I have gone from a 4x to a size 6 233lbs to 135lbs and feel wonderful. I have not had any complications and I can eat whatever food I want. Nothing bothers my “new stomach” and I credit this to Dr. Joya’s pre-surgery and post surgery diet and following it to a t thumbup . No cheating for me. I had an amazing experience with him and he even took my stitches out before we came back home. I cannot say enough good things about him, but will say that he is a very caring man and truly interested in your health and welfare. I was also amazed by the cleanliness of the hospital there as it put some of ours to shame. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr. Joya and your team.
237 » Madeline

Location: Tennessee
Date: 24.11.2010
Time: 16:05:49

It has been 7.5 yrs. since my surgery w/Dr. Joya.
I have lost @ 80 lbs. and kept it off. Not easy at times, but so well worth it!
Dr. Joya is very knowledgeable about this surgery and I would do it all over again if I had to!
236 » Rosie Seitz

Location: Oklahoma
Date: 15.09.2010
Time: 16:05:06

I smile t has been one year since I had my banding done by Dr. Joya, I continue to lose and am done 85 pounds and feeling great, had to have my blood pressure meds discontinued. Thanks so much Dr. joya and staff for all you did for me.
235 » Tammy Haverkampf

Location: Wisconsin
Date: 15.08.2010
Time: 14:09:19

It has been 4 years since my surgery with Dr. Joya! I love my new self and am so happy that I choose Dr. Joya. I have recommended him to tons of people. This was the best decision that I have ever made. I am still down 120 pounds total, and have my life back. Thank you Dr. Joya! You are the best smile wink thumbup
234 » Shari

Location: Michigan
Date: 01.06.2010
Time: 19:27:45

I had VSG done on 4/28/10. I have worked in the Medical field for 30 + years so did a whole lot of research. After all my research I decided on Dr. Joya. I couldn’t have made a better decision. Dr. Joya, Dr. Espinoza, Nathalie and Gerald were all first rate. Surgery went well with no surprises, recovery was uneventful as well. I got out of the hospital on Friday morning and on Monday went into PV and spent the day shopping and sightseeing. If you are thinking of going to Dr. Joya think no more. You will be so pleased with the first rate care you will receive. I think once I lose all my weight I’m going back to PV for plastics….TT, Arms, BL. LOL. Thank you Dr. Joya and staff for giving my life back.
233 » Joanne H.

Location: BC, Canada
Date: 24.05.2010
Time: 19:54:19

I did quite a bit of investigation and research to find the right team, who I would feel comfortable with to do my WLS, and on Monday May 10th I had a gastric sleeve performed by Dr. Joya and his team. It was the best decision, health wise that I have ever made. Natalie, the nutritionist was great, the nursing staff, wonderful, Dr. Joya, very professional and caring, Dr. Espinoza who checked up on me also at the hotel once I went there even went and found me creme for my allergic reaction to bandaging and brought it to the hotel. In fact the only time I was truly uncomfortable was because of the inflammation from my allergic reaction, which neither I nor the doctor’s expected, the surgery and stitches were virtually painless, allowing me to even get out for a day of shopping of Friday before leaving on Saturday. I would highly recommend this group of wonderful professionals, you will truly be in good hands. thumbup
231 » Laura

Location: Port Orchard, WA USA
Date: 27.04.2010
Time: 06:17:55

T wink hank you Dr. Joya, I had surgery 4 years ago, 4/24/06 and have now lost 155 lbs. I am in a size 6 and finally do not feel like an obese person, it took 3 1/2 years to finally have my brain catch up with my body. I would never go to an american dr now that I know what i know!!!!! Thank you for saving my life!!!
230 » leslie hull

Location: ohio
Date: 16.04.2010
Time: 15:49:06

tthumbupthanks dr joya and staff. it has been 10 days after surgery and doing good just wanted to know when to take stitches out.
229 » Katie

Date: 31.03.2010
Time: 17:42:07

My journey with Dr.Joya is complete! I do hope to have a great success story to submit in a year or two- and I will definitely be returning to Puerto Vallarta when I have lost all this weight! 30 lbs gone already since pre-op diet started! I have loved this process.

I just wanted to send you one more email to thank you for coordinating my extremely positive experience in Puerto Vallarta. I couldn’t have loved it more if I tried. I had my surgery last Wednesday, and I feel completely back to normal. I am blown away by the care I received.

The work you do is probably thankless sometimes, as you deal with very nervous people on a regular basis! I just wanted to say a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing your job so well, and for getting me from that first phone call, all the way through to Puerto Vallarta and my new start.

Please feel free to direct any prospective patients to me if anyone asks to speak to past patients. I have nothing but praise for the whole team and the experience overall!

Thanks again Gerald. Best wishes!

228 » Lori Whiteman

Location: Harrisburg, PA
Date: 22.03.2010
Time: 18:32:25

Just an update on me…I’ve now lost 62 lbs. from my VSG on 11/11/09 with Dr. Joya. I have gone from size 18/20 pants to a size 10! I feel great! Prior to my VSG I was taking prescription meds to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and liver pain due to a severe fatty liver condition. Since my VSG I have not taken any of the medications, and I have not had any of the liver pain anymore. I just had blood tests done last month and went to follow up with my doctor a few days ago. My doctor says that I am doing AWESOME! She is very pleased with how I am doing, and so happy for me. All of my blood tests were normal – normal cholesterol levels, normal liver and kidney functioning, etc.! My blood pressure was perfect! My only complaint to my doctor was that I have so much energy every day that it’s hard for me to sleep at night sometimes! I’m going to work some “calming” nighttime habits into my routine which will hopefully help with that. Who would have ever thought that I would be complaining about TOO MUCH ENERGY!?! That’s just crazy! My doc says that if that’s the worst problem that I’m having, I have nothing to worry about. I work out a the gym 3-4 times per week. I can walk/run for 5 miles straight; I don’t think I have ever done that before in my life! My doc says that I should just keep doing what I’m doing; and she wants to check back with me in 3 months. She recommends that I lose another 30 pounds, so I’m working on that. Thanks so much to Dr. Joya and all of his staff for giving me a new, healthy life!
227 » joe alaimo

Location: welland, ontario canada
Date: 28.02.2010
Time: 08:59:26

Thank you Dr. Joya my VSG was on September 3 2009 at Cornerstone hospital and as of Christmas of 2009 I reached my goal weight and lost over 70lbs. I am forever grateful and feel fantastic.
226 » Rosie Seitz

Location: Tulsa Oklahoma
Date: 27.02.2010
Time: 17:15:20

Had my banding on September 1, 2009 and have lost 62.5 lbs, went from a size 24 to size 16 and am feeling great. Am so happy I made the decision to have the banding done. Have had no fills to date, thinking when I stop losing will go for my fill. Thanks again to Dr. Joya and all his staff for being there for us when the American system is not.
225 » Lori Whiteman

Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA
Date: 22.02.2010
Time: 19:44:12

My experience having my VSG with Dr. Joya and his staff on 11/11/09 was wonderful! My sister and I went to Puerto Vallarta, MX together, and had our VSGs on the same day with Dr. Joya. We are both doing GREAT! I have lost 53 lbs. and my sister has lost over 60 so far. We had our VSGs at Cornerstone Hospital. Dr. Joya, Nathalie, Gerald, and all of the doctors and nurses were great; and thanks to all of you! We have had no problems whatsoever, and recovered very easily. My surgery was on a Wednesday, flew back home on Sunday, and was back at work on Monday. If you are considering weight loss surgery with Dr. Joya, do not hesitate! This is the best thing that I have ever done for myself and I wish I would have done it years ago. It was worth every penny and more! I am on a journey to a new, exciting life! THANK YOU DR. JOYA!!!
224 » Diane Lynn Sargent

Location: USA
Date: 17.02.2010
Time: 22:41:47

Hello Dr. Joya (Joy) world,

It has been 7 years since my operation. Yes, Im one of his “poster children” on this site. The one in the big light blue dress that changed into the slenky jean and short top babe. That was the year after my operation at age 55. Its been 6 years since then and the only problem I had was deciding what I wanted to weigh!
I had a couple of fills and got down to 115 lbs. Now at 5’3″ that was way to skinny for me so I had a bit unfilled and have been staying at 125 to 135 ever since, controlled by the band and my eating habits.
I could never give enough thanks to Dr. Joya and his staff for their help and expertise and the ease of my trip to and from Mexico. If you are here at this site all I can say is “just do it”. I took out a loan on my credit cards to pay for it and paid it back. There always is a way.
I see plastic surgery is on the list now, Im thinking my 61 year old face can stand a bit of work. I’m going to save my pennys as I am sure anyone working with Dr. Joya has to be the best also!


223 » Denise M.

Location: Regina, SK Canada
Date: 02.01.2010
Time: 17:39:18

I was fortunate and blessed to have the RNY gastric bypass surgery in Puerta Vallarta, MX at San Javier Marina Hospital on July 15, 2009. At five and a half months out I have lost 98.5 lbs and every single aspect of my life is changed for the better.

I had considered WLS for a couple of years and done much research and put alot of thought into taking this extreme step in my lifelong battle of obesity. But after discussing this option with a friend who had the RNY with Dr. Joya and his team about 18 months previously I decided that this was the right decision for me and started making the arrangements to have this life changing procedure done.

I had all the same concerns that many of my friends and colleagues. (I am an RN and so was quizzed relentlessly by physicians and other nurses who questioned my decision to go to Mexico to have major surgery!) I can say that I am more pleased and satisfied with the care I received and the services provided by the whole team at San Javier. And I am thrilled with the outcome to date, knowing that this journey is far from over and there is more and better to come, if the weight loss stopped today I would still do it all over again in a heartbeat and be grateful for the amazing second chance at life and living this tool has given me.

But it is a tool. You must make the commitment a lifelong one. Change what wasn’t working (good eating habits and exercise) in your past preop life and adopt a healthier and more health conscious daily existence. But it’s worth it. And no I’m not always perfect. With Christmas just past I indulged in some foods that I would normally not eat. But WLS as a tool provided me with the ability for the first time that I can ever remember to eat consciously. I tried a bit of anything I wanted to, but STOPPED when I was full, didn’t over indulge, exercised daily and at the end of a week at my parents (and my Mom is an expert cook!) didn’t gain a lb and actually came back a half lb lighter than when I went… how amazing is that!

I went out of country to have my surgery because I didn’t want to wait any longer (here the bariatric program has an approximate wait of 2 yrs for just your initial appointment, then prob about another yr minimum before you’d have the surgery, I’d had a referral sent in by my primary physician about 18 months before I had my surgery and only just got the call about a month ago to come in… I said thanks but been there done that and am doing great!) Anyway, long story short because I chose not to wait, I paid for the surgery myself but it was worth every single penny spent.

The care I received was great and I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Nathalie, Gerald, Bernadette, Dr. Joya, Dr. Munguia, Dr. Espinoza, and Dr. Olivares and all the Nurses and support staff at San Javier you made my hospital experience amazing and I will be forever grateful for the new lease on life you’ve given me. And recovering on a beach in Mexico under the sun was a little bit of paradise!

Since having my surgery I am no longer on the antihypertensive medication I had been on for 5 yrs, I no longer need CPAP for sleep apnea, my blood sugars which were starting to run high are completely normal AND I can shovel my considerably long driveway without taking a break or losing my breath! Life rocks!

If you’re considering surgery and want more details I’ve posted some videos on You Tube of my stay in Mexico at the hospital. Feel free to go here and take a peek:

That’s a pictorial of the entire hospital stay, but there are also two other uploads with video clips of the whole experience.

Good luck with reaching your goals… now that I have hope for a future again the possibilities seem endless! wink

222 » Roxanne C

Location: San Antonio
Date: 29.12.2009
Time: 04:56:00

Dr Joya changed my life on August 17, 2009 with gastric bypass. I’m only a little over 4 months out from the surgery and have lost just shy of 80 pounds. Everything went very well, he was very professional and knowledgeable, I couldn’t have asked for a better, more caring surgeon and/or staff. As far as any other reviews saying the hospital needs staff that speaks english — I take offense to that as a nurse. We go into their country seeking their services. WE need to speak THEIR language. I live maybe 150 miles from the US/Mexico border, I’m a nurse, and I don’t speak Spanish, so it isn’t anything that I can hold against them. I get plenty of patients and family members that do not speak english, no big deal. Though we did not speak the same language, there were no communication problems. I knew enough to squeak by, as did they.

It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone, as I would do it again in a heartbeat.

One piece of advice I can offer is to take your own sugar free jello and crystal light drink mixes for before and after the surgery, the hotel doesn’t offer much in the way of sugar free, and the broth they did offer was terrible.

221 » Jean Lindsay

Location: Canada-Bucerias
Date: 14.12.2009
Time: 15:53:46

I had my Gastric Bypass Dec 7.2009. My husband and I are now in the hotel part of my recovery period. The hospital and medical team are top notch. The hotel is lovely and they cater to your every need. I am waiting for my morning visit from the doctor where he checks your stitches, only five I might ad. Feeling very good and highly recommend choosing Dr Joya and his team. biggrin
220 » Robyn Larsen

Location: USA- Arizona
Date: 07.11.2009
Time: 10:46:15

I had the bypass surgery almost two years ago- Dec 20, 2007. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. My sister had the same surgery in California 6 months later and I can tell you that I was better cared for in Mexico. I was treated so well and I am so happy with everything. I have lost 117lbs- it’s still almost shocking for me to write that. If you’re even thinking about doing this the answer is YOU SHOULD! and Dr. Joya and staff were seriously wonderful!
219 » Joe A.

Location: Canada
Date: 16.09.2009
Time: 14:54:04

A quick note to let you know that i had the VSG as planned on September 3, Dr.Joya and his team are fantastic and of course, you for all your patience in answering many questions promptly. I am almost three weeks post op and feeling very well. Thank you again for all your assistance. Joe
218 » Rosie Seitz

Location: Tulsa Oklahoma
Date: 13.09.2009
Time: 15:50:37

Am now 13 days post banding and down 21lbs. Feeling great and have not taken any of my diabetic medications. I am so grateful to Dr. Joya for giving me a chance for a healthy life.
217 » janet hillan

Location: San Diego, California
Date: 11.09.2009
Time: 02:59:14

Dr. Joya
I wish you a long, healthy, happy, and rewarding life. You have earned the respect of so many of your peers, your staff who has the pleasure to work with you, and your patients who found you and ended their desperation with hope and success.
216 » janet hillan

Location: San Diego California
Date: 11.09.2009
Time: 02:53:41

Dr. Joya has given me the chance to experience who I am from the beginning of my life. Life experiences alter who we are and who we could have been and who we can be. I have struggled with my excess weight all i mean all my life. I had wls 4/3/09. today is 9/10/09 and my weight has dropped from 213 to 126 lbs. my goal is 117 lbs. my 67 birthday is 9/16. i am not a want to be any more. i just am who i was born to be. and it feels right and normal. The objective in life is to enjoy the day. and i do. Thank you for my life and my good health, Dr. Joya.
215 » Rosie Seitz

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date: 04.09.2009
Time: 17:08:47

Am 3 days post banding and am doing great. I had the best care from Dr. Joya and all his staff. The hospital and staff were better than US hospitals and this I know for a fact since I am a Infection Control Practitioner at a US hospital. I have recommended for several people to go to PV for their procedures. I’m looking forward to a new healthy life and can not say enough about Dr. Joya and his wonderful staff. Nathalie, Gerald, Dr. Munguia, Dr. Espinoza, and Dr. Olivares were so profressional and informative. I received more information prior to my procedure than I have ever received from a physician or medical personnel in the US. thumbupThank you all.
214 » Mike Malo

Location: Plantation, FL
Date: 01.09.2009
Time: 21:03:16

I am almost 16 months out of surgery now. Lost 110 lbs from 323 to 210. I feel good, no medications, no real food restrictions, except quantity. I don’t drink soda or alcohol, but other wise my life is pretty normal. 3 months ago I ran in a 5k race and have become a gym rat. I go about 4 X a week, going hard on the Eliptical and recently started lifting weights. I had to because a significant portion of the weight loss was from muscle and now i need to build it back up.

Other than losing about 40 yards off the tee, i have to say that all aspects of my life are much better. I have referred several people to Dr. Joya, only one of which went, but they were pleased they did as well. This is not a miracle, it is an opportunity to right a wrong, a significant period of not living right for whatever reason. But whatever the reason, if you are not willing to correct the behavior, the results will be disappointing and temporary.

The commitment is as important as the surgery. You will read a number of people refer to the surgery as a tool. They are absolutley correct. Success depends on how you use it. I saw one woman eating three days after her RNY, I can guarantee you she is dissatisfied with her results today.

I am no saint, I eat some things I shouldn’t, but i make sure to exercise hard and carefully watch my weight. I have no desire to return to may past sins.

Don’t worry about the Mexico stigma, these guys know what they are doing, have probably done more than almost anyone in the US, and maintain clean modern facilities. And you get to recover in paradise, with a doctor making, get this, HOUSE CALLS. The next house call i get from a US doctor, will by my first, and I have two in the family.

Every decision is an individual one, but make the best decision for you. Don’t let uninformed prejudice individuals sway your decision. Do your research, talk with the people like Gerald, make up your own mind based on information, not a stigma.

Good luck

213 » Jeanine Diggs

Date: 26.08.2009
Time: 06:31:13

4 years ago… I was desperate! Insurance told me I did not have any co-morbities along with obesity… I was 260lbs…could not breath…could not function…. a normal 118 lbs…now 260lbs! I told my primary care doctor that if I didn’t do something soon..I would die!!! I got the “OHHH you are not that heavy… you are not that BIG!” but I knew how I felt! So, i researched and decided, I would either die with Dr. Joya trying or I would die doing nothing! I LIVE with my Dr. Joya decision! I am 140lbs!!!!! from 4 years ago!!! and doing well! Dr.Joya is great! ( and sexy too!) His staff is great and I promise he will do right by you! I came down with an elevated temperature 2 days after surgery…the doctor’s was on it hard!!!! As it turned out, due to my borderline diabetes, I was used to drinking alot of fluids and the inability to drink following surgery, made me dehydrated! But all of my doctors ( and a pretty young resident i didn’t know) made sure I was well taken care of! the only thing I suggest is making sure you have a really good support and dietary system before you go! Other than that, you are making a wonderful decision! WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE!!!!!!!! Feel free to email me, i will provide pictures and support for you! thumbup
212 » Rosie S

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date: 25.08.2009
Time: 18:15:11

I am having my surgery on 9/1/09. Did alot of research before I made the decision to go to Mexico. I actually worked with a lady who had her surgery done by Dr. Joya. She looked great and had nothing but positive things to say. I am looking forward to my band date and will post my thoughts again after my procedure.
211 » Ruth P

Location: Vanderhoof, BC Canada
Date: 24.08.2009
Time: 04:11:47

Thank you Dr. Joya and staff.
I had my vertical sleeve done on July 20, 2009. I feel wonderful. I have not taken any metformin since my return home. Blood sugar levels 5.8 in the morning. Yeah! Weight Loss is coming. Everyday tasks are so much easier with less weight to carry around, I have more energy, I sleep better.
My whole experience in Peurto Vallarta was excellent. Dr. Joya and his staff are awesome.
Thankyou Dr. Joya for a new lease on life.
210 » Elsie K.

Location: Vanderhoof Canada
Date: 16.08.2009
Time: 16:59:23

I lamp am having the sleeve done on Sept. 23 and I’m scared to be leaving home by myself . I’m thinking of this as a new venture in my life . I have a picture in my minds eye wink as to how I will look next summer and if I’m not as gorgeous outside I know that I will be beautiful and healthy to myself and my family . Looking forward to meeting this wonderful doctor that has made so many people happy and healthy . thanks Elsie

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